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Wellness is not only a core value for TubTime, but also the essence of our business. The term wellness incorporates 2 fundamental aspects - physiological (physical) and psychological (mental) health. Taking care of yourself physically improves your mental health and vice versa.

All of us can do better in our journey towards wellness. Yes, it’s a journey… and it’s never over. For many, it’s a complete lifestyle change, which may be around fitness, food, skin care, groceries, clothing etc. and cannot be achieved overnight. At whatever stage of the journey you are at, it’s OK – what is important is that you keep moving ahead.

At TubTime, we believe unadulterated and non-negotiable self-care is the cornerstone of wellness. When you take the first step towards a purchase on our store, you make an unconscious commitment to the same self-care that we aim to achieve through our products and services. In return we would like to provide a little extra for your wellness journey.

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