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KYC: Know Your Candles!

Why TubTime chooses Beeswax candles, and why you should too!

What if you knew that you could enjoy your candle light dinner or bubble bath without inhaling toxins and paraffins?

Beeswax candles are the perfect solution to keep your air and environment clean. They are free of chemicals, and at its purest form, they release negative ions while burning, which can help to reduce and minimize pathogens that pollute our air.

Beeswax, a byproduct of honey production, has been around for centuries, and is well-known to be used in cosmetics, lotions, lip balms and water-resistant items. It is considered to be the superior form of wax among candle producers.  Bees work hard for its production; it has been estimated that bees must fly over 100,000 miles to produce 1 single pound of wax. The color of the wax varies from gold, to orange and brown tones, based on the plants the bees have collected the nectar from.

Beeswax candles also burn much longer due to their high melting point, wax dripping is very limited, and they have a brighter flame with almost no smoke. This is great news if you often find yourself replacing candles after having used them a few times!

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