Your 4-step guide to spa-like bath at home

How to be a pro in setting up a classic bath? What do you need?

What do Tom Ford, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, and Mariah Carey have in common? They all are passionate about their bath time. The episode from Friends - The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath, is one to remember where Monica turns Chandler on to the concept of taking a bath to relax. Personally, I know of friends who wouldn’t move into a new apartment or check into a hotel, if it didn’t come with a bathtub! They are my friends for a reason, you see :-) 

Unlike a shower, a bath is not just about cleansing yourself, in fact your bathing ritual is non-negotiable self-care (trend alert!). It's all about calming your mind, relaxing & feeling good about yourself, both physical and emotional. Additionally - better circulation ! clean pores ! great sleep ! beautiful you !  Setting up a good bath is an art, turning your own bathroom into a private SPA can be mastered with a little bit of planning and some help from TubTime ;-)

STEP 1: Set up your Bath tub 

Baths are all about relaxation, so the most important thing you need to ensure is comfort. Make sure you’re able to at least sit with your legs stretched in the tub. Now start filling your tub with hot water, upto 3/4th of the tub. The temperature is largely a personal choice, ideally the water should feel warm when you get in, but not uncomfortably hot.

STEP 2: Gather your Bath Essentials

While the water is running, gather your supplies- you don’t want to be hopping in & out of the tub to get things your forgot. 

  • Glass of water - to prevent any dehydration;
  • Candles - to experience real relaxation;
  • Music/book/magazine/Netflix! - depending on your preference;
  • Towel - to roll up under your neck while you soak; 
  • Bathrobe - to slip into after your soak;
  • Skin care rituals from TubTime - read along to know more!

Any home SPA experience is not complete without some good stuff to soak in - gather your bubbles, bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, bath oils from TubTime!

Add some Bubbles (aka bath foam or bath nectar) to your bath - they are one of, if not THE most quintessential part of a quality bubble bath experience. You may want to try our fizzy Bath bombs which are infused with essential oils, that effervesce when dropped into the water. Add Bath salts that include minerals which easily absorb into our pores and are known to cleanse and purify our skin, improving your skin’s radiance, tone, and texture. When you want to give your skin the royal treatment, use a Body scrub right in your tub. Choose a body scrub —sugar or salt, to do the exfoliation, leaving your skin beautifully renewed and buffed. Refresh your face with a Face mask, while getting the most out of your soak.  

STEP 3: Relax.. its TubTime

Now that you have everything in place, jump right in, throw your legs up & relax for the next 20 minutes :-)  Personally, I prefer the lights slightly dimmed, beautiful aromatic candles & subtle instrumental music playing in the background - but won’t judge you if you are into rubber ducks, jazz or even a snack while in the tub! Just pick things that help you unwind & make you feel good, easy!

STEP 4: After your soak

Use a gentle Body wash or Shower gel to wash off after the soak, this is optional depending on the products used during the bath. Wet skin acts like a sponge, so immediately after your bath use a Body butter to moisturize. Now slip into your gorgeous Bathrobe, to avoid the jarring effect! Cosy up with a book and some green tea, enjoy the relaxed feeling or as I would prefer… just get some beauty sleep.

TubTime offers Deep Hydration Rituals, Gold RitualAnti aging Ritual (for vegan lovers!), Detoxifying Sea Essence RitualRejuvenating Fruit Ritual and bathing add-ons such as Spa bathrobesBeeswax candles and Reed diffusers  to create an indulgent SPA experience at home.